AMI How-to: De-register and Delete AMIs

AMI How-to: De-register and Delete AMIs

Using the AWS Management Console:

Log to the Amazon AWS console

1 – Log in to the AWS Management Console and Select Amazon EC2

Amazon Cloud Console - Select EC2

2- On the right EC2 dashboard pane select AMIs to view the AMIs list


3 – Pick the AMI and write down its id (for step #5). Right-click it, and select De-register Image.

Ami right click to de-register

4 – On the confirmation dialog box select Yes, De-register

Amazon Console De-register AMI confirmation dialog

The image is de-registered, which means it is deleted and can no longer be launched.

5 – Clean up: Go to the Snapshots page, find the related snapshot, right-click and delete.

Amazon AWS console > Delete a snap shot

Using the Command Line Tools:

Deregister an AMI from Amazon EC2:

PROMPT> ec2-deregister ami-5bae4b32 IMAGE ami-5bae4b32

You need to delete your deregistered AMIs from Amazon S3. If you don’t then you will continue to be charged for the space you’re using:

PROMPT> ec2-delete-bundle -b <your-s3-bucket> -p image -a <aws-access-key-id> -s <aws-secret-access-key>


Creating an Image from a Running Instance

Creating Amazon EBS-Backed AMIs

Cleaning Up

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