American Bloggers Celebrate the Tel Aviv Startup Scene with Newvem

American Bloggers Celebrate the Tel Aviv Startup Scene with Newvem

On Thursday, Newvem had the honor of welcoming a delegation of American bloggers and writers to Newvem’s Tel Aviv office. It was a wonderful experience not only for Newvem’s staff to share how our analytics help IT Managers and CTOs profit from their use of Amazon’s AWS clouds, but more importantly, to show how the vibrant and energetic Tel Aviv startup scene has been a critical part of our company’s DNA and rapid growth.  Having renowned bloggers  was an extra joy as Newvem form day one has built a community platform to blog our analytic leanings  to the broader cloud community.

Tel Aviv is a unique place where ideas can quickly become a reality. The dynamic combination of engineering talent, business savvy, and a tremendous amount of creativity have made Tel Aviv a key source of domain disruption and category players.  Well known B2C apps  like Wix, Viber and Waze, as well as companies like CheckPoint and SAP all have roots in the city.

We were thrilled to celebrate the energetic Tel Aviv start-up scene together with:

Newvem’s story as a Tel Aviv startup, is a very special one. Born on a napkin in one of Tel Aviv’s many coffee shops, Zev Laderman and Ilan Naslavsky put together a team of professionals that reflect the very cosmopolitan nature of the city itself: ex-pats from The United States, Europe, and South America, and committed Tel Aviv residents have come together with complimentary skill sets to build a very dynamic and vibrant company.

The visit was extra special as it marked the last day in our first office in Tel Aviv – right next to the historic Dizengoff square with it world renowned Yacov Agam fountain that on the hour has a fire, water, light and music show for all who are near to enjoy.

It’s a bitter sweet moment for us to move out of our initial stomping grounds, but are excited to start next week in our new office that also has historic significance.

Stay tuned as we will share our first week in our new location with a surprises in store.

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About the Author

Cameron Peron is VP Marketing at Newvem.  Prior to this, he led the go to market strategy and execution behind several successful startups, including BIScience and Matomy Media. Contact him: or on twitter: @cameronperon

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