Datapipe Acquires Newvem

Datapipe_logo_9Dear Newvem users and friends, we’re happy to announce that Newvem has been acquired by Datapipe.

We have worked hard to provide a better cloud experience with Newvem’s cost and usage analytics for Amazon Web Services (AWS) users over the past three years.  Since the beginning we have relentlessly pushed the edge in innovation and cloud adoption for both beginners and experienced professionals, helping our users aligning their cloud operations with their business.

Newvem Ranked in CRN’s 25 Coolest Vendors for 2013

crnWe’re proud to announce that Newvem was ranked in CRN’s 25 Coolest Emerging Vendors for 2013.

The ranking looks at startups in the IT space that are making an impact in the tech industry as well as CRN’s Emerging Vendor’s list.

Newvem Infographic: Significant Improvements In AWS Usage Revealed

infographic-teaser1AWS is a significant player in the public cloud domain with an estimated 32% of the $6.2 Billion spend over the public cloud. At Newvem we have been analyzing trends in AWS cost and usage based on our users activity over Amazon Web Services. By comparing cost and usage data revealed last year, we’ve revealed significant improvements in everyday use of AWS EC2 On-Demand and Reserved Instance services, security, availability, and utilization.

The infographic below says it all!  Click here for the full report!

Sudo Optimizes its AWS Cloud: Newvem and New Relic Case Study

Newvem and New Relic

(Guest Post) Summary: Newvem’s AWS cost and usage plugin for New Relic is designed to help developers get plain visibility into the costs and usage of the infrastructure supporting their app. We’ve been receiving outstanding feedback from New Relic users who use Newvem’s plugin every day to complement their application’s total performance.

Following New Relic new application market place we recently deployed the Newvem plugin to our New Relic monitoring system and saved hundreds of dollars off our next AWS bill. Once I get the rest of the suggestions implemented, it will amount to an almost 30% Savings off our monthly bill! Check out the following to get a better idea on how Newvem and New Relic helped us.

Filtering AWS costs and usage of your App with Newvem and New Relic

Business Groups by NewvemImproving the AWS costs and usage supporting your app just got easier.  Since our partnership launch with New Relic last month, we’ve helped many developers using New Relic to enhance their control over their application’s performance with visibility and costs and usage metrics of the AWS infrastructure supporting their app.

One of the hottest capabilities that the plugin includes is the ‘slicing and dicing’ your AWS cloud’s costs, resources, and risks by production environments, products, and other business activities that use AWS to run your business. With Newvem’s ‘business groups’ feature, you can narrow down the costs of your application independent from other environments running on AWS, address specific risks that your app may be exposed to, and take clearer inventory over the specific resources used to support your app.

Newvem Featured at The United Nations

Newvem is proud to announce our participation in the “Entrepreneurship for Development” conference held at the United Nations on June 27th, 2013.  The conference, co sponsored by the Israeli Mission to the United Nations, was held to champion entrepreneurship as a means to tackle the world’s most pressing problems.

It was an amazing conference for some of the world’s most innovative entrepreneurs to highlight the impact that entrepreneurship has on global issues and to gain the support of the public sector to scale up those initiatives.  “Entrepreneurship means constantly challenging what humanity accepts as reality and raising the bar for a better life,” says Zev Laderman, CEO & Co-Founder of Newvem.

Newvem Enterprise is Now FREE for Two Weeks

Experience the ultimate in AWS cost and usage improvement with a free upgrade to Newvem enterprise for the next two weeks! Starting today, Wednesday July 3rd, we’re offering all of Newvem’s premium and enterprise features with unlimited access through July 17th, 2013.

Why?  We’d like to help both our current free users and newcomers to Newvem achieve what matters most: improving cloud costs and usage.  We’ve added many premium features over the last year to help cloud users like CIOs, DevOps, and IT managers to gain clear visibility to their costs, usage, and assets, and optimize their spend, security, availability, and utilization.

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Monitoring Metrics that Matter: Introducing Newvem for New Relic

As a developer, you understand just how complex your application stack can be. Depending on its environment, there can be hundreds of critical components that together make up your app, and each piece is vital to its performance and reliability. To monitor each component, you might use multiple, non-integrated tools to gain visibility into your stack. And that makes troubleshooting app performance issues a challenging endeavor.

**Using New Relic?  Activate Newvem’s free AWS Cost & Usage Plugin toady and follow these two easy steps.

 **Not Using New Relic?  Get NewRelic’s Standard package for FREE when you activate Newvem’s free AWS Cost & Usage Plugin for NewRelic!  A $49/month server value!

Cloud Radar Report Part 1: State of the AWS Cloud June 2013

Security Improvement 2013Newvem periodically analyzes the AWS cloud usage of our users to identify, benchmark and recommend areas where AWS users can improve their awareness and approach to cost savings, security vulnerabilities, availability issues, and utilization efficiency. In comparison to previous 2012 Cloud Radar reports, we’ve identified huge improvements in AWS resource usage by users specifically across security, Reserved Instance utilization, and data recovery practices.

Enterprise Grade Cloud Enabled by the Ecosystem

Clouds APIWhile investing in building new data centers all over the world and creating the management overlay in order to be able to sell their hardware, IaaS operators are also relying on their ecosystem to support the evolving enterprises that go to the cloud (e.g. the “Enterprise Grade Cloud”).

API First

The move to the cloud pushes the data center to re-invent itself within the new environment. It is a fact that, although the cloud is a pure revolution (at least in MHO), terms such as SLA, TCO and ROI are still valid in this new IT era. Thanks to industry leaders such as that realize the notion of “API first”, vendors such Amazon cloud present new capabilities first through their APIs. In this way, the cloud operator platform enables development of its ecosystem.

Hitchhiker's Guide to The Cloud

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