Pricing FAQs

Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I know how much data point and data volume I need?

Try it! We will never charge you without your permission, even if you go above the limits of our Free offering. If you exceed the limits, we will contact you and review our paid options with you, risk free.

Most instances and volumes will consume a few thousands datapoints per day. Our Free account will likely allow you to track around 20-50 AWS instances, and keep historical data for 30 days.

What do you have to lose? It costs nothing. It takes less than a minute. It is risk free

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 What happens if I exceed my 2GB daily limit? Will you charge me?

No, we will never charge you without your permission. If you are exceeding the limits, then you should expect to be contacted by us to talk about our paid options. If you regularly exceed and don’t want to upgrade to paid, then we will terminate your access.

 If I sign up for a paid plan, what are my payment options?

We accept online payment via credit card, or if you contact us we can invoice you.

 What does community support mean?

Simply that you have access to our knowledge base and community forums, but no dedicated phone or email support. By signing up for a paid Newvem support plan you are then entitled to email and phone support.

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