Newvem Announces Partnerships with 30 Leading Cloud Solution Providers

Newvem Announces Partnerships with 30 Leading Cloud Solution Providers

Today we announced 30 new partnerships with Amazon Partner Network members. The core feature across Newvem’s “Cloud Partner Program” is the strategic use of Newvem’s cloud usage analytics service and extensive community of cloud users to increase each business’ overall adoption and cloud efficiency. Participating partners in the program include industry leading service providers that implement and manage clouds for customers as well as solution providers that provide complimentary expertise and capabilities to help cloud users improve their cloud’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Through the “Cloud Partner Program,” we will be working together with our partners to share how its offerings can benefit thousands of users. For example, Newvem’s Knowledge Center is crowd-sourced and contains hundreds of guides and articles that were contributed by both individual and partner experts and are publicly available to both Newvem users and non-users alike. This crowd-sourced community reaches cloud users through Newvem’s social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Quora.

 We believe in democratizing the knowledge needed to operate a state of the art cloud by working together with partners who are experts and leading solution providers in their domain,” says Zev Laderman, CEO and co-founder of Newvem. “We also believe in joining forces with specialized solution providers, while focusing on what we do best — to lift the sum cloud experience for end users. Hence our motto: ‘Together we create better clouds.’”

Among the 30 partners in the Newvem Cloud Partner Program are cloud solution vendors, system integrators, consultants, and other similar companies. Partners include Datapipe, Canonical, Cedexis, GigaSpaces, SafeNet, Madeira Cloud and others.

Check out the complete list.

 As a Newvem partner, we now have the ability to share our knowledge expertise within Newvem’s content and social channels,” said Robert Malnati, vice president of marketing, Cedexis. “This provides both great presence and business opportunities within a focused community of cloud users.”

 We’ve shared best practices on Amazon Web Services [AWS] high availability through Newvem’s community earlier this year, and we still enjoy new opportunities derived from this publication,” said Daniel O’Prey, CEO and co-founder, Madeira Cloud. “We find Newvem complements Madeira’s AWS cloud management solution. Both services together support fast optimization cycles that generate an efficient cloud environment.”

Additionally, in the year ahead, we will offer specific analytics that spot problems and issues which can be solved through our complimentary partners’ solutions. Newvem’s cloud partners will be seamlessly integrated as part of the Newvem Analytics offering, providing our partners with extended reach and users with a strong cloud usage analytics solution that encompasses a wide spectrum of cloud needs.

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Cameron Peron is VP Marketing at Newvem.  Prior to this, he led the go to market strategy and execution behind several successful startups, including BIScience and Matomy Media. Contact him: or on twitter: @cameronperon

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