Newvem Breakout Session at AWS Re:Invent

Newvem Breakout Session at AWS Re:Invent

AWS Re:Invent

Newvem is proud to announce that we are a Gold sponsor of AWS Re:Invent in Las Vegas, Nov. 27th-29th.  Newvem has been invited to present at the sponsor’s track on Wednesday November 28th2012 between  3:25 PM to 4:15 PM. We chose to present a session titled Hitting Your Cloud’s Usage Sweet Spot“.

Newvem will present an all-star panel of AWS experts and heavy users that will offer their own experiences using the AWS cloud, provide fresh and engaging approaches to AWS operations, and recommend practical tools that help  achieve the optimal usage sweet-spot.

Our session will tackle how we all embraced AWS to increase flexibility and reduce the total cost of ownership of running an elastic technology infrastructure for a changing business. We find ourselves,  applying great efforts to use AWS in a way that  “we can live the dream”.  How do I achieve a true elastic infrastructure like the ‘big boys’ I am constantly  hearing about?  Do I need to spend what the ‘big boys’ do to build the instrumentation and to acquire the know how to  “live the dream”.?

What if you could…

  • Know our exact AWS cloud spend at any time and any place?
  • Build a direct tie between our company’s business performance and the cost of our infrastructure.
  • Break the myth that we have to over pay for under-utilized resources in order to achieve the availability we need to meet the unexpected demand from our customers.
  • Be confident that we are meeting compliance requirements over your AWS cloud.

Newvem answers and accomplishes all of these questions by helping our customers find their cloud usage sweet spot. Learn More

Newvem’s Dan Feld (formally Amazon AWS Cloud Regional Sales Manager for EEMEA) will host this distinguished panel, among them are world renowned AWS cloud expert and blogger of Eric Hammond, and top AWS customer Chemi Katz, VP Technical Operations at DoubleVerify who operates a state of the art , 24/7 AWS environment.

Each of our panelists will provide their own unique experiences on how they find their AWS cloud usage sweet spot through making better resource consumption decisions.

The icing on the cake would come at the second half of our session, where we will facilitate a thought provoking discussion of what is really the bottom line that matters  when bridging the gap between tech operations and business performance can be realized.

Space is limited, so I invite you to contact Dan Feld / / for booking and availability.

Visit us at our booth // #407

About the Author

Zev Laderman, Newvem CEO

Zev Laderman, CEO & Co-Founder at Newvem

Earlier in his career Zev managed several business units at Oracle and later led several successful startups, including Aduva which was acquired by Sun MicroSystems and Tradeum which was acquired by VerticalNet.

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