Top 6 Recommended AWS Cloud re:Invent Conference Sessions

Top 6 Recommended AWS Cloud re:Invent Conference Sessions

Exciting times! The Newvem team is heading to Las Vegas for Amazon’s first official cloud show – AWS Re:invent starting on Nov. 27th.  As a gold sponsor, we invite you to stop by and hang out at booth #407. Going through the list of sessions, we picked six recommended sessions aimed at how to improve your cloud usage with regards to financial efficiency, assets governance, and fault tolerance management.

The show is one of the most significant conferences in the cloud industry and includes a great educational sessions.  To navigate the sessions, Amazon has provided conference attendees with a great tool that helps them navigates through more than 150 sessions – the agenda builder. You will also be able to watch the sessions online via the AWS live stream.

The following ’must attend’ sessions were chosen according to the speakers, content, and business background:

Wednesday 11/28/2012, 01:00 PM-01:50 PM (Room – Venetian A)

Coburn Watson is the manager of the Cloud Performance Engineering team at Netflix

Find out how Netflix, one of the largest, most well-known and satisfied AWS customers, develop and run their applications efficiently on AWS. A member of the Netflix Cloud Performance Engineering team outlines the Netflix common-sense approach to effectively managing AWS usage costs while giving the engineers unconstrained operational freedom.

Wednesday 11/28/2012 02:05 PM-02:55 PM (Room – Venetian C)

James Hamilton, Vice President & Distinguished Engineer – AWS

Simon Elisha, Principal Solution Architect – AWS

As both new and established businesses work to increase their customer numbers, revenue and relevance to the market – they are working to deliver software that scales larger than ever before. The challenge of being the “victim of your own success” be it from viral marketing, social media or simply dramatic uptake of a new service; is something that troubles the minds of CIOs and Engineers alike. This session will focus on ways to avoid creating “technical debt” during initial development, and will share well established practices and approaches to building applications that can tolerate and revel in the challenges of scaling to “web scale”. Working through a range of architectural dimensions, patterns and pithy examples – attendees will leave this session with useful ideas on how to design new applications, as well as the “retro-fitting” that can be done to existing applications to enable them to scale on AWS.

Wednesday 11/28/2012 03:25 PM-04:15 PM (Room- 3202)

Join Newvem’s All-Star panel of AWS expert users as they discuss their experiences, insights, and best practices on how usage analytics can save a ton of money, make your CIO and CFO really happy, and ensure business performance. Learn how usage analytics can enable you to accomplish optimal resource usage across your cloud adoption/deployment life-cycle: deterministic planning, right sizing, elasticity, compliance, and cost effectiveness.

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Wednesday 11/28/2012 04:30 PM-05:20 PM (Room – Venetian C)

Adrian Cockcroft, Director of Architecture, Cloud Systems – Netflix

This talk describes a set of architectural patterns that support highly available services that are also scalable, low cost, low latency and allow agile continuous deployment development practices. The building blocks for these patterns have been released at as open source projects for others to use.

Thursday 11/29/2012 03:00 PM-03:50 PM (Room – 3305)

Dave Ward, Sr. Manager, Amazon EC2 Pricing Services

Amazon EC2 provides you several pricing options that can help you significantly reduce your overall AWS bill, including On-Demand Instances, Spot Instances, Reserved Instances, and the Reserved Instance Marketplace. This session covers high-level architectures and when to use and not to use each of the pricing models for components of those architectures. We walk through several customer examples to illustrate when to use each pricing option. Additionally, we walk through tools that may be useful to determine when to use each pricing model. This session is aimed at technically savvy managers and engineers who need to reduce their cloud spending.

Thursday 11/29/2012 03:00 PM-03:50 PM (Room – 3305)

Dave Ward, Sr. Manager, Amazon EC2 Pricing Services

Thursday 11/29/2012 04:05 PM-04:55 PM (Room-Venetian)

Join the product and cloud computing leaders of Netflix to discuss why and how the company moved to Amazon Web Services. From early experiments for media transcoding, to building the operational skills to optimize costs and the creation of the Simian Army, this session guides business leaders through real world examples of evaluating and adopting cloud computing.

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Ofir Nachmani is Chief Evangelist and Community Leader at Newvem. On his previous adventure, he led ClickSoftware’s Cloud adoption initiative. He also held several positions at Zarathustra SaaS development including product manager and company CEO. In 2009, ClickSoftware acquired the AST group and Zarathustra as part of it. Check out his personal cloud computing blog at

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If you want to watch the content from these (or other) session now that re:Invent is finished they are all publicly available. I have posted all of the sessions with links to the matching Youtube video and Slideshare deck at

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