7 Steps to Enterprise Cloud Heaven: Deploying a Private Cloud

7 Steps to Enterprise Cloud Heaven: Deploying a Private Cloud

7 steos to enterprise cloud heavenDeploying your applications on the cloud can have amazing benefits but only if it’s done right. There are key operational and IT processes that your organization will need to agree upon in order to make the most of your cloud. This presentation by Eucalyptus Systems, “7 Steps to Enterprise Cloud Heaven”, outlines what you need to know to deploy a private cloud.

  1. Understand the application workload – What sort of storage will you need? Computing power? Do you require load balancing?
  2. Understand Application Governance – Who is responsible for the application workload? Can the cloud administrator see what’s happening so he/she can respond to issues?
  3. Design the Physical Deployment – What are the VM capacities? Network design? Storage requirements?
  4. Design the Cloud Deployment – Private cloud is a scalable service venue with high-availability and redundancy. Have you factored in peak traffic times? Can you cover the memory requirements for cloud components?
  5. Test everything and then test it again – Test failures and upgrades. Take a look at the testing results from the application perspective. What does the application experience if the cloud is degraded?
  6. Integrate cloud with existing management policies – The cloud is a new platform, not a tool. Do you have the capacity? Budget? Have you coordinated scheduled downtime?
  7. Lifecycle Planning – Plan to build, hybrid, and sunset incrementally.

In the presentation, Eucalyptus – Elastic Utility Computing Architecture Linking Your Programs To Useful Systems – presents 3 use cases of organizations that effectively implemented a private cloud following these 7 steps and achieved Enterprise Cloud ‘Heaven’.

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