Advanced Analytic Tools

Advanced Analytic Tools

Newvem FREE Starter Baseline Pack of Analytics

We want AWS users to experience the power of Newvem’s analytics and thought the best starting point for users is to uncover potential waste in their AWS footprint and to recommend improved usage practices. Newvem continuously scans your AWS cloud and presents insights to help you improve your AWS usage.

Newvem Premium Pack of Analytics:

Newvem has developed Analytics for our Premium users. Our Premium Analytics go deeper into usage analysis that can fine tune usage for higher loads, higher instance counts or higher service levels the Newvem analytical engine is primed for: Financial Efficiency, Security Policies, and Fault Tolerance

Business Views through Newvem’s Business Groups

Powerful ability to tie infrastructure elements to their business units, activities, entities, projects, services and other business associations.

Reserved Instances Life Cycle Management

Newvem Analytics provide a comprehensive tool that tracks the full lifecycle of an AWS Reserved Instance purchase decision. Newvem also tracks an ongoing operation and termination of AWS Reserved Instances. Newvem follows the following 4 step lifecycle method:
  • Prepare & Plan – Plan for RI adoption
  • Implement– Purchase and adopt RIs
  • Track – RI Usage
  • Improve – Recycle RIs

Usage Analytics for Amazon S3

Newvem’s Amazon S3 Analytics offers additional value for Amazon S3 users by enabling amplified visibility into their current Amazon S3 footprint. Newvem helps users define and implement AWS storage policies so they can tier their storage needs with confidence.