All Star Panel “Hitting Your Cloud Usage Sweet Spot” at AWS Re:invent / Nov 28th / 3:25PM

All Star Panel “Hitting Your Cloud Usage Sweet Spot” at AWS Re:invent / Nov 28th / 3:25PM

Newvem has put together an All-Star panel of heavy AWS users and experts to share their experiences and insights on how usage analytics has helped to improve their proficiency and efficiency of AWS services.

The panel will include:

This insightful 45 minute session will cover 5 best practices, insights, and recommended tools that can help ensure that your business in profiting from your cloud operations.

 Looking forward to a great panel with Newvem and discussing how SmugMug and others tune AWS utilization to maximize usage while minimizing wasteful underutilized resources” says Shane Myers, Operations at Smugmug and panelist.

Join our session and learn how usage analytics can help you accomplish optimal resource usage across your cloud adoption/deployment life-cycle:

  • Deterministic planning: understand your usage and real needs and plan accordingly.
  • Right size: proper provisioning of resources aligned with your business’s needs.
  • Elasticity: usage / consumption flexibility in meeting variable business requirements.
  • Fresh & compliant: resources used are up to date and compliant to your company/industry policies.
  • Cost effective: pay for what you use, and use only what you need.

The second half of the session will include a thought provoking discussion on the bottom line in bridging the gap between tech operations and business performance in order to achieve profit.

Join this thought provoking panel on Wednesday / Nov. 28th / 3:25PM.

Contact Cameron for advance bookings!

NM[Newvem continuously tracks and analyzes complete resources utilization patterns, and provides a down-to-the-hour picture of your AWS consumption and usage behavior, as well as future capacity estimates. Learn More]

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