Amazon AWS for the Retail Industry

Amazon AWS for the Retail Industry

The following presentation was created by Ryan Shuttleworth, Technology Evangelist at Amazon Web Services, in collaboration with Adam Bidwell, eCommerce Manager at Kurt Geiger. In a sequence of very informative slides, they discuss how retailers are using AWS to carry out a number of business critical functions.

The presentation covers an overview of AWS along with detailed description on how AWS can fulfill the retail/eCommerce site considerations (extreme high availability and performance of a high traffic sites)  upon the cloud. These slides also include number of case studies of how retail customers are implementing AWS to run their business. Among the case studies, you will find Animoto that utilized the AWS cloud to scale from 40 to 5000 instance in three days! and Kurt Geiger’s experience of using AWS to run their Magento eCommerce engine.

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Keywords: Amazon AWS elastic cloud services, Scalability, Performance, Availability, Best Practices,  Big Data, Hadoop, Cloud Portability, NoSQL, EC2, S3, Route53, EBS, ELB, DynamoDB, Cloud Search, CloudFront

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