Amazon AWS Outage

Prepare for AWS Outages

Don’t be a Stat! Protect Your AWS with Newvem 

  • Fast Recovery
    From amazon AWS Outage.

  • Ensure availability
    During an Amazon AWS Outage.

  • Protect Against Damage
    From amazon AWS Outage.

With Newvem’s AWS usage analytics and best practices, you’ll all have the resources you need to help ensure a healthy and available AWS cloud in advance of the next outage

What people are saying:

“ Know Your Cloud: A Service Similar To Google Analytics For Amazon Web Services”
Techcrunch, July 19, 2021

12 hot cloud computing companies worth watching; “The folks at Newvem know a thing or two about efficiency analytics.”
Networkworld, September 5, 2021

“The company collects data about a user’s Amazon usage via an API and ties this to usage patterns in order to detect issues, provide advance warnings and suggest optimal configurations.”
451 Research, July 12, 2021