Netflix Architectures for High Availability on AWS Cloud

Netflix Architectures for High Availability on AWS Cloud

The following presentation was created by Adrian Cockcroft - Director, Cloud Architecture at Netflix Inc. It’s an architecture talk aimed at a well informed developer audience (i.e. QConSF Real Use Cases for NoSQL track), focused mainly on availability.

In his presentation Cockcroft described the evolution of Netflix deployment on the AWS cloud. He mentioned cross AWS AZ and Cross region architecture. He elaborates on the what makes the Netflix Cassandra DB highly available and scalable. This is presentation that is brought to you by maybe the most professional AWS expert.

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Keywords: Amazon AWS elastic cloud services, Scalability, Performance, Availability, Best Practices, Big Data, Hadoop, Cloud Portability, NoSQL, EC2, S3, Load Balancer, Cassandra, Backup, Fault Tolerance

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