Archiving in the Cloud Using Amazon Glacier

Archiving in the Cloud Using Amazon Glacier

Amazon GalcierAWS has introduced a new offering called Amazon Glacier, an advanced, durable archive that changes the traditional manual way of archiving.

AWS Glacier follows the similar concept and is ideally suited when you need to store your data files/objects, collected over years, in a reliable place. In this presentation you will find some basics on how to get started with Amazon glacier including some important tips and best practices.

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Based on these calculations, AWS Glacier is a clear winner from the cost perspective. Amazon Glacier lines up objects for retrieval only after 3-5 hours. If you want to be able to immediately access objects, then S3 is the solution for you. Amazon Glacier is a solution for an organization to easily and cost effectively retain data for months, years, or decades. Learn how to Get started with Amazon Glacier

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