Newvem for AWS Resellers and Cloud Service Brokers

Newvem For AWS Resellers and Cloud Service Brokers

Newvem’s platform  adds tremendous value to any AWS cloud reseller who sells, installs, or maintains Amazon cloud resources.

This includes System Integrators (SI), Managed Service Providers (MSP), Value Add Resellers (VAR), or Amazon AWS Distributors.

  • Ensure AWS’s “shared responsibility model” behind the scenes for your customers.
  • Detect and be alerted of issues in your customer’s cloud deployments, enabling lean and efficient operations.
  • Share value added service mark-ups and prices with customers.
  • Increase your margins -  AWS resource consolidation that supports multiple customer deployments.

Increase Revenues and Margins

Initiate New Qualified Opportunities
Identify Value-add Premium Opportunities
Aggregate Resource Operations’ Efficiency
Eliminate Waste and Misuse of Resources



Enhance Cloud Deployments

Support Best Practice Architecture Deployments
Generate Continuous Improvement Cycles
Optimize Availability Topology
Maintain Cloud Security Configuration

Your Cloud Service Performance Dashboard

Get Newvem AWS Reseller account Integrated within your Support Systems
Integrate your Support Systems with Newvem’s Platform
Report Your Customers on Their Cloud Performance
Empower your Customers with Cloud Transparency
Notify & Resolve your Customers Immediate Cloud issues


Newvem Reseller Offerings by Type:

  • Incremental revenue from customers/partners

  • Increased upstream margin
  • Customer satisfaction by eliminating waste & misuse
  • Customer confidence using utility-based Infrastructure

  • A native support tool for AWS usage
  • High quality service level with a small team
  • Premium service and support opportunities to increase service revenues
  • Improve AWS resource buying and utilization to increase margins

  • Improve internal SI usage
  • Sales tool: prospect customers by creating a baseline status of current AWS usage
  • Architectural tool: plan, prototype, stage, & deploy AWS implementation
  • Deployment tool: test, monitor & track deployments for improvements

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