Newvem AWS Scans                            

AWS Savings Scan - Find Idle Resources Newvem’s CloudRadar has identified that most early to intermediate users of Amazon AWS have between 40% to 50% of their servers running idle, or have a running bill of idle resources allocated to stopped servers. It’s simply a matter of the flexibility and ease of adding resources and users easily losing track of their instances, forgeting to turn them off. Its like leaving a room with the lights on.

Click here to run a quick scan of your AWS to see if you have any potential savings from idle resources

AWS Security Scan - Do you have vulnerabilities in your Security Groups?Newvem’s CloudRadar has identified that around half of Amazon AWS users fail to properly configure their AWS security groups. This may be due to the ease to of adding or changing settings of current cloud resources without paying attention to IP ports being open to the Internet, making cloud instances vulnerable.

Click here to run a quick scan for potential AWS Security vulnerabilities.

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