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AWS Costs and Usage Made Simple


  • Understand your cloud's costs, risks, and assets


  • Optimize your cloud's usage and costs


  • See your cloud through the eyes of your business


  • Align your cloud with business goals

“Managing AWS Reserved Instance types requires a lot of guesswork, calculations, and on-going auditing; Newvem makes that much easier.” - Krux.

"Newvem helps us better optimize our AWS cloud, more effectively align our cloud operations with business objectives, and ultimately, realize significant time and cost savings." - SafeNet.

"Newvem tracks our AWS cloud inventory and provides us with a weekly email reporting our current utilization, operational costs, and security state. This additional assurance and validation not only allows us to continue to be on top of our cloud usage patterns, but also optimize them." - ClickSoftware.

  • Track Your AWS Cloud’s Vitals

Understand your AWS cloud's costs, risks, and assets. Newvem actively tracks and presents cost and asset usage trends over daily, weekly, monthly, and month-to-date time periods.

  • Triage Cloud Emergencies

  Ensure cloud health.  Newvem actively prioritizes significant risks to cloud health based on their severity, including cost, security, availability, and utilization issues.

  • Optimize Cloud Costs and Usage

Solve AWS problems when they happen. Effortlessly resolve AWS issues with Newvem’s free and powerful resources such as AWS best practices, how-to-guides, and expert AWS support forums that solve ‘broken-fix’ issues to improve long term cloud health and effectiveness.

  • See Your Cloud Through The Eyes of Your Business

Slice and dice AWS costs and assets by business activity.  Newvem Business Views helps you to align your cloud operations by product, service, customers, business division, or any other activity important to your business.

  • Make the Right Usage Planning Decision

Visualize your AWS usage on an hourly, weekly, and monthly basis. Newvem’s AWS Utilization Heat Map enables you to make better capacity planning decisions, spot variable and consistent usage, and ensure high service levels to top customers.