Newvem Analytics for Azure

Introducing Newvem Analytics for Azure (Beta)


  • Visualize your Azure resources and usage patterns


  • Associate business activities with cloud usage


  • Leverage Azure crowd sourced knowledge and best practices


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  • Visualize Azure Costs & Assets

Newvem actively tracks and presents cost and asset usage trends over daily, weekly, monthly, and month-to-date time periods.

  • Visualize Azure Usage

See your usage on an hourly, weekly, and monthly basis. Utilization Heat Map enables you to make better capacity planning decisions, spot variable and consistent usage, and ensure high service levels to top customers.

  • Your Business’s Bottom Line

Understand and measure underpinning layers of cloud resource consumption of specific business activities, customers, products, and more.

  • Azure Knowledge Center

Improve your efficiency and effectiveness of your Azure cloud with expert crowd sourced how-to-guides, FAQs, forums, and articles.

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