Live Webinar: Managing Cloud Workloads with Joe Weinman

Webinar side bannerOrganizations world-wide are moving their business to the cloud. The cloud offers a business concept that encourages improved scaling, robustness, and cost efficiency by following a pay-as-you-go model. This event will feature a one-on-one discussion with Joe Weinman, founder and author of Cloudonomics, and Patrick Pushor, CTO and Founder of CloudChronicle.

Joe Weinman, named a ‘Top 10 Cloud Computing Leader’ by TechTarget, is a Senior Vice President at Telx. Joe has over 30 years of experience in executive leadership positions at AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, and Bell Laboratories. He is the founder of Cloudonomics, a rigorous, multidisciplinary analytical approach to cloud computing as well as the author of Cloudonomics: The Business Value of Cloud Computing. Joe has been awarded 17 U.S. and international patents in areas such as line coding, simulation and workflow, consumer goods, wireless technologies, telecommunications, and distributed computing.

In this event, Joe and Patrick will discuss the basics of managing workloads across the cloud, the benefits of migrating workloads between private, public, and hybrid clouds, understanding the cloud business model, and the business value of cloud computing. To get a better idea of what the discussion will focus on, here is a sneak preview of some of the questions.

  1. What is a cloud workload and cloud workload management?
  2. How does the perspective of the workload differ between the vendor and consumer?
  3. What are the considerations of Cloud interoperability and portability?
  4. Is hybrid cloud here to stay?

If you want to know the answer to these questions or have some of your own, sign up today. Following the initial discussion, you will have the opportunity to participate in a live Q&A with Joe and Patrick.

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About the Author

Ofir Nachmani is Chief Evangelist and Community Leader at Newvem. On his previous adventure, he led ClickSoftware’s Cloud adoption initiative. He also held several positions at Zarathustra SaaS development including product manager and company CEO. In 2009, ClickSoftware acquired the AST group and Zarathustra as part of it. Check out his personal cloud computing blog at | Twitter: @iamondemand

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Presentation: Newvem’s Cloud Utilization Heat Maps

UHM_SlideshareNewvem’s Utilization Heat Map enables you to visualize your 30-day cloud usage by hour, region, business activity, and more in a single glance.

Did you know that more than 15% of clouds are underutilized? That’s more than $30M of the $200M in EC2 spend that Newvem has analyzed over the past year! Such a waste but it can be easily remedied with Cloud Utilization Heat Maps!

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“Your building blocks of being able to take advantage of these super dynamic (cloud) environments comes down to configuration and automation. With that, of course, comes the need to have a lot of visibility…Have I designed my systems properly? What kind of performance am I getting for my spend on AWS? …” – Patrick Pushor

Newvem Launches DevOps On-Demand

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With a mass of information at our fingertips, and a close network of certified partners and AWS experts, we walk you through the complete cloud usage cycle to ensure your cloud is optimized.

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Live Webinar: Dramatically Improve Your AWS Cloud’s Health

Newvem has put together a panel of AWS experts, moderated by CTO and Co-founder of Patrick Pushor, to discuss how to create a healthy cloud. The discussion will cover improvement over costs, availability, utilization, and security.



Introducing the AWS Utilization Heat Map by Newvem

Utilization_rangeNewvem is proud to announce the public release of our latest feature - the AWS Utilization Heat Map.

Did you know that more than 15% of AWS clouds are underutilized?  That’s more than $30M of the $200M in EC2 spend that Newvem has analyzed over the past year!  What a waste!

Newvem’s Utilization Heat Map gives you a quick glance into your AWS cloud’s utilization, enabling you to monitor your utilization over the last 30 days, across regions and availability zones, business activities and more.

Network World Features Newvem as Product of the Week

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Cloud Care is a free solution for all AWS users and used everyday by DevOps, IT Managers, CIOs, CTOs, and Finance departments to get the most out of their AWS resources.

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