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AWS EC2 Cost - Are AWS users overspending ?

Newvem’s Opinion

There is a strong relationship between the budget of an AWS user and their efficiency.

  • Users with small budgets tend to have a higher amount of idle instances.  For instance, AWS users with a monthly budget of less than $1,000 tend to operate with more than 50% of their total instances as idle, revealing an estimated $500/month in potential cost savings.
  • Larger budgets operate their instances more efficiently.  Users with a monthly spend of $3,000 or more operate their AWS instances more efficiently; based on our sample efficiency becomes more efficient as the spend increases.  Despite this efficiency, there is still a significant amount of idle instances running, which complicate costs further.
  • There is an efficiency chasm that needs to be crossed when users scale from medium size to larger size spends.   As users begin to spend more than $3,000/month there is a negative impact on efficiency as the scale their AWS footprint.

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48hrs: $225K+ in Monthly AWS Cloud Cost Savings Revealed

Last Thursday, we released an AWS Cost Savings App.  We wanted to give Amazon AWS cloud customers an option to easily and quickly discover potential cost savings. On Thursday  morning, Leena Rao published the App release on TechCrunch - Click to read.  After an exciting 48 hours with hundreds of visitors test driving the service, the app revealed an amazing figure of more than $225K monthly Amazon AWS cloud costs savings for the first wave of accounts.

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CloudConnect 2021 Summary by Newvem

Last month our team attended the CloudConnect 2021 conference. The first day of the conference included several workshop summits. We sponsored the Cloud Performance workshop summit and exhibited on the expo floor. Our goal was to better assess the needs of the market and validate our dreams with actual cloud consumers. The cloud performance summit was a great opportunity for cloud consumers to learn more how to best provision an on-demand online service, with scalability in respect to both availability and performance.

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Predicting Costs on Amazon Web Services

By: Jeff Barr - Senior Manager, Cloud Computing Solutions at, Inc Learn how-to predict costs quickly and accurately. Barr presents his 5Ms model, gives specific application examples, and then prices the applications using the AWS Simple Monthly Calculator.

Cloud App Design Patterns by Shlomo Swidler

The IaaS Management Market: Evolution, Vendors and More

A lot have already been said about the false cloud use where the IaaS platform utilized as an hosting extension of the IT organization’s data center and not taking advantage of the elasticity benefits to generate a cost effective and scalable IT operation. Using the public IaaS whether it is Amazon, Rackspace or any other vendor means using an highly dynamic environment which presents an increasing complexity hence loss of control. Checking the list below I can say that cloud (including all its layers IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) control basically contains the same aspects as the good old system management.

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How Cloud Computing Will Change IT: 6 New Predictions - CIO Blog

IT is in a time of disruptive transition, caused by the rise of cloud computing. CIOs are in the midst of a maelstrom, and—like Ulysses, the fabled hero from Homer’s Odyssey—are torn between the Scylla of established IT practices and the Charybdis of the future, both of which loom dangerously and portend trouble. Also like Ulysses, many CIOs must inure themselves to the din of tempting Sirens: the vendors who sing a sweet song of painless cloud transformation, made possible by the purchase of some software, or hardware, or a set of cloud services.

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Regulation, Automation, and Cloud Computing | The Wisdom of Clouds - CNET News

Chris Hoff, a former colleague now at Juniper Systems, and a great blogger in his own right, penned a piece last week about the weak underbelly of automation: our decreased opportunity to react manually to negative situations before they become a crisis. Hoff put the problem extremely well in the opening of the post:

“I’m a huge proponent of automation. Taking rote processes from the hands of humans & leveraging machines of all types to enable higher agility, lower cost and increased efficacy is a wonderful thing.”


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Scalable Architecture on Amazon AWS Cloud

Following last CloudInsights’ blog posts in regards to consumption, scalabliity and elasticity, we suggest you to check the following presentation. In it you will find a good summary for the basics of building scalable system on Amazon AWS cloud. The presentation brought to you by Kalpak Shah Founder & CEO,  Clogeny Technologies