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Let’s Democratize Our Cloud Knowledge – an Amazing April for Newvem

We came up with the idea of establishing Newvem with its KnowYourCloud service about two years ago. We wanted to bring our past experience with the open source world and data analytic engine development into this new environment – the cloud. The idea evolved very fast as we understood that the infinite amount of cloud resources that are running on the amazing Amazon AWS cloud environment generates an enormous amount of data. Approaching new cloud adopters we weren’t surprised to find helpless IT leaders struggling to regain the clear visibility that they were used to having in their traditional on-premises environment. 

> > >  Scan Your AWS

I am really excited to report that last month was a real breakthrough with regards to exposing our service and knowledge to the world. In order to help Amazon AWS cloud customers to understand their cloud, we published our cost savings scan. We extracted the cost scan out of our analytics engine and provisioned it as a simple quick tool that finds idle and stopped instances. Our team was amazed with the aggregated results. Within the first 48 hours, after our analytics engine performed hundreds of scans, we had revealed a potential for saving about $225K in AWS users’ monthly costs.

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Newven Applauds AWS Cloud for its New Estimated Charge Monitoring

Earlier this week Amazon added a new important capability to its CloudWatch– Monitor Estimated Charges Using Billing Alerts. The new feature facilitates the way you can control your on-going costs.

AWS CloudWatch provides monitoring for AWS services. CloudWatch exposes operational metrics for Network, CPU, Disk, etc., for EC2  instances, EBS volumes, and other cloud resources. CloudWatch also allows users to import their own metrics and monitor them through the same interface.

CloudWatch allows users to chart the data (two weeks old historical data available), set alarms on thresholds (and receive notifications on them), and control AWS Auto Scaling. Amazon AWS cloud users interact with CloudWatch through the command-line, API, or AWS Web Console.

The New Feature

The new feature is a new set of metrics that can be monitored through CloudWatch, that bring user’s billing information. These new metrics provide an estimate of AWS charges up to the current time: total charges, per-service charges, per-account charges, per-account-and-service charges. All these metrics are to-date estimates of cost, no prediction metric is provided.

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The 10 Most Common Amazon’s AWS Usage Mistakes

AWS (Amazon Web Services) provides an excellent cloud infrastructure solution for both early stage startups and enterprises.  The good news is that AWS is a pay-per-use service, provides universal access to state-of-the-art computing resources, and scales with the growing needs of a business.  The bad news – AWS can be very hard for early stage companies to onboard, while enterprises usually spend too much time with ‘busy work’ to optimize AWS and keep costs under control.

We launched our  ‘KnowYourCloud Analytics’ service that helps AWS users to get to the bottom of their AWS cloud. By gathering data streams from multiple compute resources and crunching this data with its state-of-the-art analytics engine, Newvem enables AWS users to discover potential cost savings, identify security vulnerabilities and gain more control over availability.

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