Case Study: Time To Know Optimizes its AWS Cloud Costs with Newvem

Time To Know provides a breakthrough solution for today’s one-to-one computing classrooms.

The company utilizes a hybrid cloud infrastructure that combines AWS with a ‘co-location’ data center near its corporate offices. Time To Know initially adopted AWS with the aim of cutting costs. Having adopted the cloud after its processes were already in place, however, has left much room for improvement.

The ease of acquiring AWS instances sprawled the company’s footprint by 40%. It was clear they were spending too much money but not how that could be remedied.

Using Business Views by Newvem

“Business Views” is a unique Newvem feature that allows you to tie your AWS resources with your business.  In other words, you can visualize exactly which AWS resources are used to support specific customers, product, service, business divisions, or any other group that you define.

Why would Business Views make sense for AWS cloud?

January Newvem Golf Tournament

Newvem is proud to announce our January Golf Classic!  For our first tournament in 2022, we’ve randomly selected Newvem beta users to participate in this week’s round!

How does the game work?  The tournament is played virtually over an 18 hole cloud golf course – each hole represents an insight from Newvem Analytics covering areas of Waste, Security, Fault tolerance and Reserved Instances.

Hitting Your Cloud Sweet Spot

Hitting your cloud sweet spot” was the title of Newvem’s breakout session at re:Invent 2021 . I had the privilege to moderate a panel of cloud experts, who joined us to share their cloud operations status, challenges and gaps. Our panelists members were Ed Laczynski, VP Cloud Strategy & Architecture, Datapipe; Shane Myers, Operations at SmugMug; Andrew Kenny, VP Platform Engineering at Acquia; Eric Hammond, from and Chemi Katz, VP Technical Operations at DoubleVerify.

2021: #1 AWS Resource Optimization Solution

The Newvem Team Celebrates 2022 New Year

2021 was an exciting year for the Newvem team. We proved that a small but highly talented team of technologists, business leaders, and marketing experts would not only rapidly scale in the cloud ecosystem, but raise the bar in terms of what cloud users expect from their cloud solution.

Happy Holidays from Newvem and Your 2022 Cloud Prediction

From everyone at Newvem, we’d like to wish you and your family a warm and happy holiday! In the spirit of the season, we’re giving away 5 cool Newvem t-shirts!  How can you get your hands on one of these?

Well… we’d like to get your perspective on cloud predictions covering 2022.

Newvem Launches Pricing for Newvem Analytics

We are proud to announce Newvem’s pricing including premium and free edition. Since our Beta launch earlier this year, we have learned that Newvem provides value to specific segments of AWS users characterized by their adoption of AWS -

Hitting Your Cloud’s Usage Sweet Spot

Newvem’s breakout session at AWS re:Invent - “Hitting your cloud sweet spot” - was attended by more than 80 conference participants who heard from a panel of cloud experts on the status, challenges and gaps in their cloud operations. The impressive line of panelists featured Ed Laczynski, VP cloud strategy & architecture at Datapipe; Shane Myers, Operations at SmugMug; Andrew Kenny, VP Platform Engineering at Acquia; Eric Hammond, from and Chemi Katz, VP Technical Operations at DoubleVerify.

Newvem Shines at Amazon AWS re:Invent Conference

Zev and Werner at the Newvem booth

Newvem’s booth - Werner Vogels, Amazon CTO and Zev Laderman, Newvem CEO

Last week the Newvem team participated in the first Amazon AWS re:Invent Conference. According to some leading analysts and bloggers, this was one of the most momentous technology conferences in the last few years. For Newvem it was the second most important milestone since the company was born.

re:Invent Exclusive Interview: Jeff Barr, AWS Senior Evangelist and Newvem’s CEO

Here we see Jeff Barr, the Senior Evangelist for the AWS, in an interview with Newvem’s CEO Zev Laderman where he explains in a nutshell what Newvem does and how its powerful analytics engine helps AWS cloud users get a better understanding of their usage of AWS. Newvem collects the great amount of data offered by Amazon APIs, analyzes it and makes recommendations for users on how they can implement best practices of AWS cloud to make sure they get the most out of their AWS accounts.

Hitchhiker's Guide to The Cloud

Newvem's eBook for Cloud Operations