AWS Has Accepted Newvem as an AWS Partner Network (APN)

Newvem received Amazon’s acceptance to its Technology Partner Network – one of the most prestigious closed cloud networks.  The cloud community at large can now accept Newvem as the premier leader in enhancing cloud usage effectiveness through data analytics. 

The 5 Biggest Security Mistakes Users Make in Amazon’s Cloud

The following article was posted on GigaOm and was based on our analysis and cloud security insights that Newvem’s big data engine reveals. In this article, you will find 5 important low hanging fruits that you should recognize in order to have your Amazon cloud account secure. If you are an Amazon cloud services’ user, we invite you to connect your AWS cloud account to our non-intrusive service in order to know your cloud and learn more, not only your AWS security, but also about money that you’re wasting, point of failures (POFs) and poor performance yields.

Let’s Democratize Our Cloud Knowledge

We came up with the idea of establishing Newvem with its KnowYourCloud service about two years ago. We wanted to bring our past experience with the open source world and data analytic engine development into this new environment – the cloud. The idea evolved very fast as we understood that the infinite amount of cloud resources that are running on the amazing Amazon AWS cloud environment generates an enormous amount of data. Approaching new cloud adopters we weren’t surprised to find helpless IT leaders struggling to regain the clear visibility that they were used to having in their traditional on-premises environment. 

Our CEO interviewed by

“Newvem is the leader in enhancing cloud usage effectiveness through data analytics. Newvem’s suite of tools utilize both cloud data analysis and crowd sourcing to enable DevOps, IT Managers and other Cloud Stakeholders to get to the bottom of their cloud faster by operating more efficient, secure, and cost effective clouds” Interview with Zev Laderman, co-founder and CEO

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Newvem Applauds AWS Cloud for its New Estimated Charge Monitoring

Earlier this week Amazon added a new important capability to its CloudWatch– Monitor Estimated Charges Using Billing Alerts. The new feature facilitates the way you can control your on-going costs.

AWS CloudWatch provides monitoring for AWS services. CloudWatch exposes operational metrics for Network, CPU, Disk, etc., for EC2  instances, EBS volumes, and other cloud resources. CloudWatch also allows users to import their own metrics and monitor them through the same interface.

Cloud Management by Newvem

The following presentation presented by Newvem Analytic service on the Cloud Management IGT forum meetup.

Cloud Management evolved from the traditional Systems Management perception. The cloud changes the way management done - “Monitoring” changes to “Analyze” and “optimizing the cloud environment” is crucial in order to be able to adopt cloud right in order to really benefit from it.

If you still didn’t try Newvem, we invite you to create your free Newvem account.

The 10 Most Common Amazon’s AWS Usage Mistakes

10 common amazon AWS usage mistakesAWS (Amazon Web Services) provides an excellent cloud infrastructure solution for both early stage startups and enterprises.  The good news is that AWS is a pay-per-use service, provides universal access to state-of-the-art computing resources, and scales with the growing needs of a business.  The bad news – AWS can be very hard for early stage companies to onboard, while enterprises usually spend too much time with ‘busy work’ to optimize AWS and keep costs under control.

Consumption, Utilization and Elasticity: Basics

Lets start with a basic scenario where there is a sudden peak in the demand for an application service as the amount of clients’ requests increase. This event leads to a direct and immediate impact of the loa placed on the web servers that host the service. In the traditional world, the number of servers is fixed, therefore an overload adversely affects the application performance and the service may slow down or even be terminated. The IT team would want to restore the environment functionality and bring the service up as soon as possible. The immediate impact  of such an event on the business can be devastating. Starting with this simple understanding, we can move into the world of cloud computing use including resources consumption, while relating to the key differences between the traditional data center and today’s cloud technologies.

48hrs: $225K+ in Monthly AWS Cloud Cost Savings Revealed

Last Thursday, we released an AWS Cost Savings App.  We wanted to give Amazon AWS cloud customers an option to easily and quickly discover potential cost savings. On Thursday morning, Leena Rao published the App release on TechCrunch - Click to read.  After an exciting 48 hours with hundreds of visitors test driving the service, the app revealed an amazing figure of more than $225K monthly Amazon AWS cloud costs savings for the first wave of accounts.

Amazon AWS Storage Basics: Stop the Sprawl Before it Begins!

There is a common perception that cloud storage should not really worry you because it is very cheap and available at any time. But is that really true? I often hear AWS consumers say that AWS storage means S3 (Simple Storage Service) – this is true but it is not the whole truth. There are actually 4 different AWS cloud storage models. We’ll get back to those but first let’s focus on the importance of understanding your AWS S3 footprint.

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