Case Study: Newvem Supports DoubleVerify AWS Cloud Deployment

Case Study: Newvem Supports DoubleVerify AWS Cloud Deployment

DoubleVerify is the pioneer in online media verification and the only provider of dual verification technology.

The company utilizes the Amazon cloud to meet their high demand and offer critical online processes. The services are deployed mainly on AWS US East and EU (Ireland) regions. The company’s online services utilize hundreds of EC2 computing instances and hundreds of terabytes stored on S3 simple storage.

“I am happy that we finally managed to experience this important cloud feature. The change was quick and the cost savings impact is enormous. We moved 70% of our on-demand instances to reserved ones. Our future AWS deployment will definitely include the utilization of reserved capacity while utilizing Newvem to make the right move. ”  

Mr. Chemi Katz, VP of technical operations at DoubleVerify.

The Challenge: Control and perform cost efficient cloud operations

The Solution: Once deployed, Newvem analytics immediately found a significant amount of underutilized instances, including idle capacity, identifying great cost savings potential. The operations team shut down unused resources resulting in an immediate decrease of about 25% in costs in a matter of a few weeks.

The Challenge: Control and maintain the security groups state

The Solution: Using Newvem, DoubleVerify discovered that they had a few Security Groups that were not being maintained, resulting in potential security breaches. The issues were quickly remediated and the team regained control of their security groups’ ports while getting relevant email summaries and notifications.

The Challenge: Reserved instances purchasing decision making

The Solution: Utilizing Newvem RI Reserved Instance Life Cycle Management Tool, DoubleVerify could quickly point out the “obvious to move capacity”. DoubleVerify’s AWS operations team migrated more than 70% of their on-demand instances capacity to reserved. The immediate result was a savings of more than 40% in monthly costs after the upfront investment reduction.

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About the Author

Ofir Nachmani is Chief Evangelist and Community Leader at Newvem. On his previous adventure, he led ClickSoftware’s Cloud adoption initiative. He also held several positions at Zarathustra SaaS development including product manager and company CEO. In 2009, ClickSoftware acquired the AST group and Zarathustra as part of it.

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