Case Study: Time To Know Optimizes its AWS Cloud Costs with Newvem

Case Study: Time To Know Optimizes its AWS Cloud Costs with Newvem

Time To Know provides a breakthrough solution for today’s one-to-one computing classrooms.

The company utilizes a hybrid cloud infrastructure that combines AWS with a ‘co-location’ data center near its corporate offices. Time To Know initially adopted AWS with the aim of cutting costs. Having adopted the cloud after its processes were already in place, however, has left much room for improvement.

The ease of acquiring AWS instances sprawled the company’s footprint by 40%. It was clear they were spending too much money but not how that could be remedied.

With Newvem’s KnowYourCloud Analytics, we uncovered Insights that we converted into actions that optimized our AWS usage one more ‘notch’. We immediately saved thousands per month just from deleting the unused resources that were revealed by Newvem.”

Assaf Dvir, Time To Know’s VP of Operations and Finance

Newvem Insights enabled Time To Know to identify underutilized instances over a long period of time, making sure that the size of its instances fit its usage needs.

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