ClickSoftware - Case of a Successful AWS Cloud Adoption

ClickSoftware - Case of a Successful AWS Cloud Adoption

During the Amazon AWS Summit 2021 in Tel Aviv (Israel) Udi Keidar - VP Cloud Services at ClickSoftware - went on stage to present a very interesting AWS cloud case of a veteran ISV (independent Service Vendor) that successfully delivers its new enterprise SaaS offering over the AWS cloud.

ClickSoftware provides workforce management and service optimization solutions for service operations of any size. Its solutions create business value through higher levels of productivity, customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness.

Keidar shared with the audience insights about ClickSoftware’s usage of AWS services. He covered the decision making process that pushed his company to move to Amazon AWS cloud, the challenges of cross AWS regions disaster recovery implementation and a few more highlights about their experience as an AWS customer.

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Keywords: Amazon AWS elastic cloud services, Scalability, Performance, Availability, Best Practices, ELB, EC2, RDS, S3, VPC, DR, Cross AWS Regions Architecture

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