Cloud Radar Report: Linux vs. Windows on AWS Cloud

Cloud Radar Report: Linux vs. Windows on AWS Cloud

We present this new Cloud Radar report benchmarking the operating systems in use by a sample of  Newvem AWS users on October 22nd, 2021. . We analyzed a sample of more than 40,000 AWS EC2 instances.

ELB - quotes Linux is still twice as popular as Windows on AWS, despite the fact that Windows instances are much more expensive than Linux, users  are willing to pay a premium for running Windows on the Amazon cloud.” Ilan Naslavsky CTO & Co-Founder, Newvem.

Results and key conclusions from the data:

AWS Instances Type Distribution

Diagram A: AWS Instances Type Distribution

Linux EC2 instances are more popular than Windows EC2 instances - 

67% of the instances that we sampled were Linux, the remaining 33% were Windows - Linux is twice as popular as Windows.

Diagram B: Spending by AWS instance type

 Linux runs on the more expensive EC2 instances -

Considering that Linux instances are cheaper than their Windows equivalent, we see that users are choosing to run Linux on the more expensive instances. As the price increases for more powerful instances, users increase the likelihood of running Linux on those instances.

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About the Author

Cameron Peron is VP Marketing at Newvem.  Prior to this, he led the go to market strategy and execution behind several successful startups, including BIScience and Matomy Media. Contact him:[email protected] or @cameronperon

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