CloudFront - How to List, Copy and Rerun an Existing Invalidation

CloudFront - How to List, Copy and Rerun an Existing Invalidation

AWS CloudFront is a content distribution service offered by AWS to serve low latency content with high data speed. CloudFront caches the object to its edge location. The user can invalidate an object from the edge location. Once the invalidation has been created it cannot be run again. However, the user can copy that invalidation and run it again. While copying the invalidation, AWS allows the user to update the object path.

The user can have only three invalidations per distribution in progress at one time.

The present guide demonstrates how to list, copy and rerun an existing invalidation.

1. Create a CloudFront download distribution.

2. Click on the Invalidation tab of the Distribution configurations. This will list all the existing invalidations.

3. Select the distribution for which the user wants to obtain the details and click on the “Details” button.

4. The details will list the Object Path, distribution ID, as well as the date and time of the distribution. Click on the “Close” button.

5. The user cannot run any distribution again as it is required to copy that distribution to run it again. To copy the invalidation, select the existing invalidation and click on the Copy button. It will show the existing path specified in the invalidation. Modify the object path or keep the same details. Follow the guidelines for the object path and click on “Invalidate”.

6. The invalidation will now be copied and start to run.

7. It may take several minutes (around 10-15) to complete the invalidation process.

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