How to Create Amazon AWS “Read Only” Credentials in 5 Easy Steps

How to Create Amazon AWS “Read Only” Credentials in 5 Easy Steps

Connect to your Amazon AWS Management console and go to the ‘IAM’ tab by right clicking here and opening the Console in a new window. (Note: you may be asked to sign in to your AWS account before you’ll be able to view the Console).

1 - AWS Console - IAM

Click on the ‘Users’ button in the left navigation tree

2 - AWS Console - IAM Users

Press on the create new user button:

3 - AWS IAM - Create New Users

Enter a ‘newvemuser’ name for the user (you can choose any name) and press ‘create’

4 - AWS IAM - Create User

You will receive a message that the user was created successfully. Click on the ‘Download Credentials’ button in the lower-left-hand corner of the message and save the CSV file on your disk. You will need these credentials when you set up your Newvem account. (Don’t worry if you forgot to save or deleted the file – you can always retrieve the credentials here by viewing the “Security Credentials” tab for the ‘newvemuser’ user) - 5 - AWS IAM - Create User

Note: Pay attention that the credentials should be kept and treated with high importance as they are keys to your AWS environment!

Go to the permissions tab and press on the ‘attach user policy’ button -

6 - AWS IAM - Users Permisions

In the new window that opens click ‘Select’ on the ‘Read Only Access’ -

7- AWS IAM - Manage User Permissions

Click ‘Apply Policy’ on the Manage User Permissions window that appears.

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