Datapipe Acquires Newvem

Datapipe Acquires Newvem

Dear Newvem users and friends, we’re happy to announce that Newvem has been acquired by Datapipe.

We have worked hard to provide a better cloud experience with Newvem’s cost and usage analytics for Amazon Web Services (AWS) users over the past three years.  Since the beginning we have relentlessly pushed the edge in innovation and cloud adoption for both beginners and experienced professionals, helping our users aligning their cloud operations with their business.

“This is a great moment for us as a team.  We started more than three years ago with a pioneer idea in a small coffee shop in Tel Aviv, at a time when cloud usage was just in its infancy,” says Ilan Naslavsky, co-founder and CTO.  “It’s amazing to think of the progress we’ve made, not only as a company, but in impacting the way that DevOps adopt the cloud and consume utility computing for a  variety of needs within their organizations”.

Your Newvem account will continue unchanged for the time being.  This includes access to Newvem Cloud Care features for free as well as advanced capabilities for paying customers.  Newvem’s service and product will now be supported by one of the leading cloud companies in the world and we have new great features coming your way soon.

Datapipe customers are immediately able to benefit from all Newvem’s features, both those that are active on the AWS cloud as well as customers considering or just beginning to onboard.

We’d like to thank our customers, users and friends for helping us make a killer product that resulted in accelerating adoption of the public cloud for a wide variety of startups, enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies.


Thank you!

The Newvem Team


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