DevOps Jungle of Tools: Infrastructure VS Deployment Automation

DevOps Jungle of Tools: Infrastructure VS Deployment Automation

devops jungle of toolsYou’re sitting at your desk and thinking: “OK, I have to maintain my infrastructure but I also have to deploy my apps. What’s the best way for me to do this? Is there one solution?”

According to a presentation given by Ran Tavory at DevOpsCon 2022, the answer is ‘No’. That’s not an absolute answer of course. There are tools that provide capabilities for both but not if you want it done well. To manage your infrastructure and automate deployments, it’s better to turn to solutions that have focused their resources to complete each task as it should be done. It’s a jungle of tools out there but, after viewing this presentation, you should have a better understanding of how to automate your infrastructure and deployments and achieve effective DevOps.

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