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I am Guy Vinograd. I am an Amazon AWS development expert with vast experience in large-scale systems architecture, management, and hands-on development. In 2011 I co-founded Softimize, a venture dedicated to accelerate the conversion of software companies to the cloud era by helping them with developing and migrating systems to Amazon AWS. In Softimize we are focused on implementing and developing new best practices to work with Amazon AWS. Our favorite subjects are cost optimizations, security, high availability, scalability, and CDN (CloudFront).

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  • Supported Clouds: Amazon AWS
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  • We developed an AWS cloud based video security system. The cloud system receives video files from on-premise video security systems, transcodes it, and stores to S3. Later the video will be analyzed on EC2 machines and analytics alerts (Baggage left behind, etc…) are generated and sent back to the on-premise system. Video analysis can also be done retroactively on the cloud, and by leveraging the scalability of EC2 results can be returned as fast as the user needs them. The system is highly available via Auto Scaling, scalable via SQS, SNS, produces alerts via CloudWatch and SNS, and accessible via Elastic IPs.
  • We ported a LAMP system to AWS. The system is a document management system for airline companies. Technologies used: Multi-AZ RDS for MySQL, S3 and Auto Scaling for high availability, CloudFront for speed of access to the documents, Signed URLs and security groups for security, CloudWatch and SNS for alerts, S3FS for S3 abstraction. Linux types: RHEL, Ubuntu.
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