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Newvem Cloud Care Features

Cloud Care - a health care service for AWS clouds.

Newvem actively tracks cloud health in order to help reveal and solve cloud irregularities related to cost, security, utilization, and availability, while ensuring IT governance and compliance.

Free Care

Cloud Care is a free service for all AWS users that ensures getting the most out of AWS resources and usage by:

  • Performing regular checkups that discover and diagnose cloud irregularities over costs, governance, and operational risks.

  • Tracking and presenting cloud vitals with daily and time series reports over EC2 costs and asset trends.

Premium Care

Premium reports are detailed recommendations to solve resource specific irregularities and  offer best practice usage. Additionally, they provide the ability to group resources into business activities and run the full Newvem health check on that specific group. Newvem also identifies consistent capacity utilization for precise no-regret Reserved Instance adoption and tracks utilization of RIs after purchase.