Amazon EC2

 Amazon EC2

Asset & capacity visibility

Newvem analytics provides comprehensive visibility to your EC2 footprint with drill downs from a consolidated view to a detailed resource status report. Newvem continuously analyzes EC2 instance utilization patterns and provides a down-to-the-hour picture of your AWS EC2 consumption and usage. Get Started for Free!

Financial Efficiency & Cost Analysis

Newvem analytics tracks and presents your daily EC2 cost transactions and forecasts your EC2 future spend based on your usage patterns. In analyzing EC2 usage patterns, Newvem also recommends how to improve (re-sizing) resource usage and alternative EC2 pricing plans, such as reserved EC2 instances. Get Started for Free! 

Security Risks Assessments

Newvem scans and identifies the status of your security group, database EC2 instances' and shared objects exposure and and alerts you of vulnerabilities. Get Started for Free!

Outage Prevention and Backup Effectiveness

Newvem analyzes your baseline disaster recovery (DR) status, and recommends AWS features and best practices to reach optimal availability, increase outage protection  and quick recovery. Get Started for Free!