Free Cloud Care Features

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Free Cloud Care Features

  • Track Cloud Vitals

Stay on top. Newvem actively tracks and presents cost and asset usage trends over daily, weekly, monthly, and month-to-date time periods. Sign Up for Free!

  • Optimize AWS Utilization

Visualize your AWS usage on an hourly, weekly, and monthly basis. Newvem’s AWS Utilization Heat Map enables you to make better capacity planning decisions, spot variable and consistent usage, and ensure high service levels to top customers. Sign Up for Free!

  • Triage Emergencies

Newvem actively prioritizes significant risk to cloud health based on their severity, including cost, security, availability, and utilization issues. Sign Up for Free!

  • Diagnose Cloud Irregularities

Newvem performs continuous health checks that provide broader diagnostics over cloud costs, governance, and risk for longer term care. Sign Up for Free!

  • Email Alerts

Be aware and act on cloud irregularities – when they happen – with weekly cloud health summaries and automatic email alerts when significant irregularities and changes are detected. Sign Up for Free!

  • iOS Application

Cloud Smart Meter helps you to make cloud decisions from anywhere and anytime. The only native application for iPhone and iPads, Cloud Smart Meter gives you high visibility on your cloud’s costs, assets, and risks. Sign Up for Free!

  • DevOps On-Demand

Close the gap between problem diagnosis and solution deployment. Effortlessly resolve issues with Newvem’s free and powerful resources such as AWS best practices, how-to-guides, and expert AWS support forums that solve ‘broken-fix’ issues and improve long term cloud health and effectiveness. Sign Up for Free!