Premium Cloud Care Features

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Premium Cloud Care Features


  • Detailed Problem Analysis

Detailed surgical reports analyze problems regarding cost, security, availability, and utilization for specific resources and make recommendations for more efficient usage. Get Started for Free!

  • Deep AWS Utilization Analysis

Visualize your AWS usage by specific business activities, such as products, service, customers, and divisions. Make effective capacity decisions based on 30 day top level peaks, trends, and variable usage by business activity, as well as micro level usage by instance type, region, availability zone, and much more. Get Started for Free!

  • Business Views of Grouped AWS Resources

Diagnostic and trend health scans for segmented AWS resources grouped to their associated business activities, such as products, services, customers and business units. Get Started for Free!

  • "No Regret" Reserved Instances

Detailed Reserved Instance purchase recommendations based on detailed resource utilization analysis. Get Started for Free!

  • Reserved Instances Management

Track the health and utilization of reserved instances after they are purchased and make optimal renewal decisions. Get Started for Free!

  • S3 Analysis

Detailed and granular scans of S3 usage that identify usage patterns, visualize buckets, and offer recommendations for better storage decision making. Get Started for Free!

  • DevOps On-Demand

Get it done. We match specific cloud issues with expert AWS consultants and certified Newvem Partners with the skills, experience, and trust to solve issues and help you realize your cloud objectives – as you need it. Get Started for Free!