Cloud Baseline

Cloud Baseline

Datapipe Cloud Reports looks at Cloud Computing for what it is; a pure utility model for consuming computing resources, similar to how we consume other utilities such as electricity, water and gas in a pay as you use model.


Like electricity and water, we care about how much are we using. How much are we paying for what we use? Concerns about any risks associated with this utility? And most important; are we using what we need, using it properly and not wasting?

Cloud Reports has had thousands of clouds users try our usage analytics service. These clouds run across many geographies and industries with diverse use cases and cover a wide range of sizes. Cloud Reports is focused on improving computing resource usage and consumption for all these clouds.

  • The Cloud Baseline view:

During our beta, users benefited from having an initial, baseline view of their cloud, which became a point of departure to improve through Cloud Reports the effectiveness of their clouds.

Assets: Discover what and how much you use.

Spend: See how much you pay for what you use.

Risks: Be aware of operational risks from your usage.


  • The next phase: “Use and Pay Only What You Need”

The answer has more to do with what you are trying to accomplish in support of your business needs. Initially, Cloud Reports’ Cloud Baseline will recommend utilization and financial efficiency insights to equip you to embark on a Cycle of Continuous Refinement and Improvement of your Cloud Usageon these topics.

More help will also come from our Advance Analytic tools.