Operational Risks

  • Be aware of potential vulnerabilities in your cloud

Security Configuration Vulnerabilities: Datapipe Cloud Reports scans, detects and highlights configurations that deviate from your policies and can present risks to your cloud deployments.

  • Mitigate operational related to utilization

Cloud Reports highlights the over-utilization of compute resources which may lead to a degraded level of service to your users or increased latency times on your web site.

  • Avoid single points of failure increase fault tolerance

Datapipe Cloud Reports helps you identify fault tolerance risks derived from:
  • resource unavailability (e.g. overloaded compute instances, maintenance windows).
  • single points of failure (e.g. ill-configured Elastic Load-balancers, unhealthy instances).
  • reduced recoverability (e.g. stale EBS snapshots, missing EBS snapshots).