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Your Spend

  • See how much you pay for what you are using

Datapipe Cloud Reports provides visibility to your actual AWS costs and analyzes your resources’ metered consumption.

  • Keep an eye on your current run-rate

For the last 24 hours and going back at least for the last 30 days and beyond.

  • Continuously track your month-to-date costs

So you are not shocked by your bill at the end of month. Assess your projected costs and evaluate saving scenarios based on your usage.

  • Understand what you are paying for

Your cloud resources, learn how your spending changes on a daily basis, look back into historical cost patterns and determine how your spend is trending.

  • Detect abnormal cost spikes

Resource over-provisioning, excessive resource reserves or pure waste. Receive cost saving recommendations, such as resources re-sizing or de-provisioning and Reserved Instances purchasing opportunities.