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V Utilization

Hourly Utilization Pattern Analysis

Datapipe Cloud Reports continuously tracks and analyzes complete resources utilization patterns, and provides a down-to-the-hour picture of your AWS consumption and usage behavior, as well as future capacity estimates. Get Started for Free!

Resource Resizing Opportunities

Rightsize your AWS cloud. Cloud Reports detects under utilized resource capacity, and highlights cost reduction opportunities by recommending which oversized machines should be replaced with smaller and lower priced machines. Get Started for Free!

AWS Reserved Instances Decision Tool

Cloud Reports continuously tracks AWS on demand instance utilization on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and can forecast future utilization and recommend AWS Reserved Instance purchasing opportunities. It analyzes the utilization of AWS Reserved Instances and makes recommendations on how to improve utilization or to resell under- utilized AWS Reserved Instances on Amazon’s AWS Reserved Instance marketplace. Get Started for Free!