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How Cloud Reports Works?

Analyzes usage data

Datapipe Cloud Reports' big data engine connects to your AWS account via API in a secure, non-invasive, and read-only manner:
  • Collects raw usage metrics
  • Performs proprietary analytics on the data to identify user specific insights
  • Delivers insights based on user specific AWS usages patterns

Provides cloud visibility, vitals & recommends actions

After you commence your Cloud Reports Service, it provides visibility to your cloud assets, their costs, vitals and trends for the previous two weeks and grows the longer you are using the service.
  • We organize your vitals according to: compute, storage and network
  • Datapipe Cloud Reports also reveals operational exposures or risks for the following:
    • Security configurations
    • Utilization: load related
    • Fault tolerance, exposures due to backups, elastic load balancers and more.
  • Reveals insights and recommends actions to improve your cloud usage – filtering out the noise – so you can focus on improving your AWS Cloud.

Provides solutions

Cloud Reports continuously analyzes your cloud usage and offers practical solutions that increase cloud efficiency and proficiency:

  • AWS best practices addressing specific problems/needs in your cloud.
  • Access to a team of experts available to help solve these issues.

Tracks results

Datapipe Cloud Reports continuously tracks the efficiency of your AWS cloud and alerts you to significant changes and any negative impacts throughout your Cloud’s lifecycle:
  • Role based views of cloud vitals, indicators, KPIs, and reports you want to track.
  • Drill-down and historical information for a broad picture of changes and their impact.
  • Categorized e-mail notifications let you know when significant changes have occurred.
  • Ipad and Iphone native IOS applications to have your cloud vitals with you anytime and anywhere.