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AWS Lessons Learnt

Larry W

Can anyone share lessons they have learnt or common mistakes for AWS usage?

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Taral Shah

A few common mistakes with AWS are

- Not configuring AWS for High Availability (in multiple zones)
- Not stopping or terminating an instance when required
- Not doing regular backups
- Not configuring security groups properly and opening all ports


Jithesh x Jithu

Also make sure that you are:

Selecting the right size instances, not running too many unnecessary instances, not deleting unused EBS or old snapshots, and not taking too Many EBS Volume Snapshots

read more here -


Taral Shah

A few more common mistakes are:

- Forgetting to release allocated Elastic IPs.

- Creating large unnecessary volumes

- Not purchasing a Reseved Instance even if running 24×7

- Purchasing a Reserved Instance even though the application is deployed for a short time

There is a good reference Blog post at

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