How can I copy EC2 data to S3?

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How can I copy EC2 data to S3?


My website is running on EC2. Everyday there are a number of static log files generated on the instance. I want to upload those log files to S3 for better processing. How can I copy data from EC2 instance to S3 to do this?

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Lahav Savir

Use S3 cmd ( ) to upload your data to Amazon S3.

Check this one -



Taral Shah

In some cases, the user may not have root/admin access on a server and will not be able to install S3 cmd.

If this doesn’t work on your server, you can try the wscmd tool distributed by OblakSoft with the ClouSE binaries. wscmd is a self-contained free & open source standalone tool that works with cloud storage supported by ClouSE (currently Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage and Eucalyptus Walrus — more will be added). The “ws” in wscmd stands for WebStor — the open source high-performance API for cloud storage (

To get wscmd, download ClouSE binaries ( to your server and extract ClouSE binaries using ‘tar xzf clouse-1.0*.tar.gz’ command. Among ClouSE binaries you’ll find wscmd which you can run to access Amazon S3. You can delete other ClouSE binaries if you’d like.

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