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CPU Utilization through API

Tarun Dave

How can I get the current CPU utilization via an API?

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Jithesh x Jithu

The AWS Cloudwatch provides the APIs to get the CPU utilization of an instance. Refer to guide  to get step wise approach to get CPU Utilization of an instance. This also sends an email alert when the CPU utilization is above or below specified limit.


Nir Rozenberg

The Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring Scripts for Linux and Windows demonstrate how to produce and consume the Amazon CloudWatch custom metrics.

The scripts for Windows include sample PowerShell scripts, which comprise scripts to reports memory, page file, and disk space utilization metrics for an Amazon EC2 Windows instance.

Refer http://www.newvem.com/how-to-use-the-cloudwatch-powershell-scripts-to-monitor-a-windows-instance/ for setting custom metrics with CloudWatch



Refer a guide http://www.newvem.com/how-to-detect-and-shutdown-an-unused-aws-ec2-instance/. This shows how can a user shutdown or stop an instance based on CPU Utilization.

This offering helps optimize your resources and save cost when instance is idle.


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