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IAM Access Control

Larry W

I have 5 users in my project. I want to allow them to work on the aws ec2 instances using IAM. Can each user start and stop his instance on his own?

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Taral Shah

Create 5 users with IAM and provide each of them access to EC2 services. They can start and stop instances. The only problem with this approach is they can start and stop other user’s instance too. IAM does not provide control at Instance level instead it provides control at AWS service level so each user can start and stop all the EC2 instances.



Nir Rozenberg

If you want to create 5 users who can not see or change instance of other users, the one possible option is to create 5 separate AWS accounts. Add those 5 accounts to consolidated billing of your payee account.

This helps track cost of each user as well they can not modify others instances but can do work with their instances.

For more informaiton about how to enroll for conolidated billing, refer http://www.newvem.com/how-to-ec2-sign-up-for-aws-consolidated-billing/

Also refer Newvem’s tips to optimize cost with consolidated billing at http://www.newvem.com/cost-saving-tips-for-aws-usage-part-3-consolidated-billing/


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