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Is AWS free tier really free?


What do I need to know about starting a POC on Amazon cloud, making sure not to exceed a specific limited budget? What is the real cost of a Free Tier?

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Ron Hoffman

I recommend to check your AWS usage regularly at

AWS provides a billing alert functionality which sends notifications at defined thresholds. Use it to monitor your usage.

You can also estimate your AWS monthly cost and get a free usage tier with: AWS simple monthly calculator.


Taral Shah

Amazon gives its new customers free hours of usage for various products. On EC2 basically you get 750 hours for micro linux instances and 750 hrs for micro windows instances. You can use S3 for initial testing and use, however, make sure not to exceed 2,000 requests. There are several advanced products that you can enjoy free like SWF and DynamoDB. There are “must use” products necessary to run deployment tests, such as Elastic IP - note that if you allocate an EIP and don’t associate it to
an instance or ELB you will be charged. You can learn more in detail here -


Ofir Nachmani

It is very hard to track the bill and if you cross the limits, due to some malware attacks, for example, you can easily be charged for outgoing traffic. You should try to shut down the services and figure out what’s going on. You can always use Newvem (really for FREE) to get a hold of your AWS usage.


Rakhu Maniyat

Note that if you spin machines from an AWS AMI protfolio, they can also generate additional costs if their configuration and automatic process exceed the free tier. For example spinning an Ubunthu server can generate outgoing traffic costs due to pull down updates with apt-get.

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