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Maintain (merge) multiple AWS cloud accounts


My organization has multiple AWS accounts (dev, admin..).  Any tools that I can use to maintain them from one place (one login).. Is there an option to merge them?

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The best solution is to use AWS consolidated billing. Consolidated billing enables you to consolidate payments for multiple AWS accounts within your company by designating a single paying account. Consolidated billing enables you to see a combined view of AWS costs acquired by all accounts, as well as a detailed cost report for each of the individual AWS accounts associated with your “Paying Account”.



Ofir Nachmani

@Max- that is correct. I don’t think that you can merge your account, however you can use Newvem to manage multiple AWS cloud accounts from a single place.

Here’s more information on consolidated billing on Newvem’s site.

Learn more on Newvem biz groups -


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