Should I use S3 static website for my blog?

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Should I use S3 static website for my blog?

Jithesh x Jithu

What are the downfalls for that matter?

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Taral Shah

S3 website hosting is a great feature by AWS. This is very useful for the scenario like
- Hosting a static site for some demo
- Using static site with Javascript and provide some dynamism.
- Save cost. Comparing EC2 running cost this would be too cheaper
- It also supports root domain Support
- Configure index and error page
- Routing Redirect rule to move from old object to new object



Tarun Dave

There is a very good article by Amazon CTO for hosting your blog on AWS S3

Another article by him also shows power of new feature : AWS S3 Root domain Support


Taral Shah

Thanks Tarun for pointing this articles. And this gives the answer to why S3 is very well suited for hosting blogs.
Again do not forget S3 provides 9 9s reliability and very good availability which ensures S3 will have less chances of failures and provides HA.


Aldrin Leal

The downside is not having nowhere to host Dynamic Content. Given current Browser Panorama, this could be a headache, as you’d still need a server to service stuff, and there are cross-domain issues, whitelisting, and stuff like that.

Alternatives depend, but for Javascript, there is CORS, but you should really make sure your server are well behaved, specially about potential XSRF/XSS Exploits, and to manage session storage as well. JSONP is also a good alternative for most matters, though.

Although I love this design, and heard great things about it (but I’m a mullet developer: Strong in the backend, weak in the frontend).

Perhaps some day I’ll try something about it, perhaps by porting my weekend Google AppEngine / WebToolkit Calculator (which does not divide - it needs a service for it) which is hosted at


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