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Shutoff an AWS Instance

Larry W

I’m new to AWS.  I read this blog and was hoping someone could clarify for me.

Does this  mean that the user intends to shutdown the server for part of the year?  In order to use an instance for 2150-6100 hours, do you shut if off for the remaining hours throughout the year?  Is there any mechanism in AWS that allows you to schedule these “time budget” shutdowns in advance?

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Taral Shah

If a user is using an instance between 2150-6100 hours, it refers to the total hours in a year.
The user can terminate the instance after a few months of usage and then start it back after a few months or the user can stop the EBS backed instance instance for a selected period. The total hours in a year should be between 2150 - 6100.

To start and stop an instance, AWS has two types of AMIs, EBS backed and Instance store backed. This guide will help you make more sense of it -

The EBS backed AMI allows you to start and stop the instance as required.


Nir Rozenberg

AWS doesn’t provide any tool to automate start or stop.

If you want to automate the start and stop of instance, e.g. If you want to start an instance everyday at 8 AM and stop at 5 PM,  then best possible solution is use AWS CLIs and write a batch process / shell script  to start and stop the instance. Schedule the batch process to execute at specific intervals. So this is programming. I think there will be some tools available in the market like



Jithesh x Jithu

You could use AutoScaling with your instance. It allows instance add or remove based on schedule. The schedule follows chron job scheduling. Look at the Auto Scaling guide at


Aldrin Leal

I’ve been trying Skeddly ( and I’ve got good results, specially for not only Start / Stop, as well as Route 53 stuff (so I can not care for EIP, although with Light Utilization the idle fee could be waived)

This way I can keep a Wiki Server “On” (confluence, which is Java + MySQL InnoDB, which hurts my personal budget) during Work Hours, and eligible for Light (which will happen once I break my piggy bank)

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