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Static Website Hosting Cost

Kalgi Shah

How much does it cost to host a static website on AWS?

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Tarun Dave

S3 website hosting is a great feature by AWS. Its pretty easy to setup Website hosting on S3.
For the cost part AWS will charge cost as per S3 storage cost and content I/O cost.
There is no additional charge for website hosting functionality.
See the AWS calculator to get an idea of the cost of your S3 storage.


Ron Hoffman

Amazon S3 is a perfect option for hosting static websites for static content.  The user is not required to set up a web server in EC2, since S3 acts as the web server for static content rendering. You can find S3′s pricing at the link below. For light websites such as blogs or small businesses they will be within the free tier only.
After the free tier trial period the cost would be minimal (in cents) considering the small applications. If there is lots of IO or video streaming and huge download then cost may go up.


Ofir Nachmani

I found this discussion on the forum on the same topic. Maybe it will help.

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